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“There are needs and wants. We know that our wants exponentially increase no matter what.However, as time goes by, our demands grow in response. To fulfill these, we need a superpower. It's money! Money can meet both your needs and wants. All of us must have understood the importance of money in these tough times. That's why we stress learning a skill. Because it helps you get that extra money ETHICALLY! The best thing about this is that there's no age bar to start. Students, aged people, mothers, working professionals, anyone. Literally, anyone with passion and determination can achieve. Start with a short course and then graduate to more advanced things and build a brand. If you're looking for courses to kickstart your journey, then our courses are here for you.”


Microblading & Microshading 2 Day VIP Private Training

Eyelash Extension Combo 1 Day VIP Private Training (Classic,Hybrid,Volume)

Needless Lip Filler 1 Day VIP Private Training


How Much Does A 101 Training For Microblading & Microshading Cost?


  • $1250

  • $250 Non Refundable Deposit

  • Balance Due In Cash Day Of Class 


What Will I Be Learning ?


  1. Receive our pre-care and aftercare instructions to give to your clients

  2. Learn the health behind microblading, who can and cannot do microblading and why.

  3. Learn realistic hair stroke pattern so they look real

  4. Certificate of completion

  5. Students will earn the shading technique (powder brows) combination of strokes + shading  (hybrid brows) as a bonus

  6. Support after the training

  7. Advanced color theory ( Students will learn undertones to understand the right color to choose for your client)

  8. How to numb your clients

  9. What clients do you really want to work with

  10. Learn how to map an eyebrow and design

  11. Measure eyebrows for perfect symmetry


 touch-up course for an additional $200 after 4-6 weeks ( you will work on the same model)


  1. We provide you with clients release documents

  2. Tips on marketing/social media/branding


What Will I Learn On Day 1 Of Training?


  • The first day we will go over the entire training manual where you will learn about health conditions, skin tones, contraindications, types of blades, step by step procedure.

  • Who can or cannot do microblading and why. Work on exercises on advanced color theory to understand skin undertones to choose the correct pigment and how to correct previous procedures. 

  • Touchup procedure step by step, how to avoid thick, over healed strokes

  • Different types of eyebrow shapes, learn eyebrow mapping, measurements for perfect symmetry, shading technique, learn hair strokes pattern, eyebrow design for the perfect shape and lots of practice on paper and rubber skin.


What Will I Learn On Day 2 Of Training?


  • We will continue practicing on skin, Take a QUIZ, model consultation and what to ask.

  • Review client liability and release paperwork, prepare for the procedure, sanitation and safety.

  • Workstation setup, numbing eyebrows, mapping eyebrow, choosing color and you proceed with the entire procedure under supervision with focus on skin depth and perfect stroke pattern.


Does This Class Come With A Starter Kit?

Yes !!! All training courses include a full starter kit with everything that you need to get started making money!    

How Much Is 1on1 Training 


•$150 Non Refundable Deposit

•Balance Due In Cash Day Of Class

•MUST BRING OWN MODEL - additional $50 if you want us to find your model.


About Our Combo Lash Training

The  key objective of KOB Studio and Academy Eyelash Training Classic, Hybrid, Volume(also known as Russian Volume or 3-D Volume) set is an application of multiple eyelash extensions to a single natural lash on the client’s eye. Our application techniques are more complex and the eyelash extensions thinner in diameter, hence the desired previous Classic experience. Each student will be provided with an industry exclusive KOB detailed professional training manual filled with valuable practical information for every future lash artist. Upon completion of this one day class, a newly Certified Lash Artist will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. 

What is All Included Training?

Key curriculum objectives are outlined below.

♦ Latest Classic, Hybrid , and Volume Eyelash Shaping and Styling Information

♦ Eyelash Extension Application Theory & Techniques Including 2D through 5D and Set Application.

♦ Detailed Eye Anatomy, Allergies & Medical Consultation Review

♦ Eyelash Aftercare & Troubleshooting 

♦ Eyelash Fill & Removal Techniques 

♦ Live Model Practice Including One-on-One Time With A KOB Master Trainer

♦ Focusing on Complete Client Experience, Offering Professional Service

♦ Detailed Product Information Including Proper Adhesive Selection and Proper Selection of Volume Lash Extensions

♦ Self Promotion, Marketing Advice

♦ Much More Valuable Theory, Fundamentals and Industry Tips & Tricks!

Please be noted!

Training and education are valuable tools that can help you grow and develop your practice. However, before you spend your money on training, make sure you legally are able to perform the procedures. Education, skill and competency—these or similar terms are found throughout rules and regulations that govern medical and nursing practices, and they communicate the uncontroversial idea that a person should have some skill to safely perform a medical procedure on another person. But training and education alone won’t empower you to perform procedures—only a professional license or certification can do that. The exact same applies to the safety of the device - we can not guarantee in any shape of form that the device is safe nor that you will not damage your customer with that. Like with all injection procedures complications can occur: bruising, swelling, occlusion, skin damage, Tyndall effect, Necrosis etc. Concrete complications always depend on the concrete device one is using and we do not take any responsibility regarding the technical functionality, injection power, or other properties of any device. Our training is just an informative training about hyaluronic acid, skin, ageing, procedures with different devices etc. 

This is the case with all professional licensure, from barbers to lawyers to nurses and doctors: Completing courses will give you the important skills you will need in your future profession. But it is the local regulatory board granted license that legally authorises you to offer those professional services to others. Investing in training, education and skill development is crucial to having a successful career in beauty business. But because different regions have different rules on professional scopes of practice, supervision and delegation, it is important to make sure your money is wisely spent. You must be sure that your local licensing boards include the new procedure in your scope of practice, because you also have to understand our business - online training is never refunded. Otherwise it was essentially a free service. We also need to keep the lights on and therefore let us all be reasonable and help each other. Hyaluron Pen Academy can not and does not guarantee in any way that the student will license to provide the service, nor does the Hyaluron Pen Academy guarantee that the student will get insurance in his/her specific location. 

Getting insurance depends on a wide range of aspects related to student background, insurance history, previous qualifications, experience, etc. It is 100% responsibility of the student to get the information about insurance possibilities before joining the training and Huyaluon Pen Academy will not get involved in that in any way. Also, Hyaluron Pen Academy does not take any responsibility whatsoever when it comes to the content, quality and presentation of the training material. The material of the training is as it is - a composition of the best practices that have proven useful from the vast experience so far. However, the training material may contain factual errors, theoretical inaccuracies, practices that the student may not agree to, missing information on some subjects etc. We work hard to update the content of the material constantly to improve it. 


•$200 Non Refundable Deposit 

•Balance Due Day Of Class

What all do I receive 

-lip filler kit (pen included)

-certificate of completion

You will I learn?

-lip anatomy 

-sanitation and health regulations 

-how to use hyaluron pen

-filler placement

-types of filler

-products and tools

-tips and tricks for shaping 

-business and marketing tools

-vendor list 

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